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ISBN: Unavailable
August 30, 2005
New Age Dimensions
12 Pages
Scottish Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Heather Balloch is a beautiful girl with an uncommon power. She possesses the sight. When she sees Graham for the first time, she knows he is the one for her.

Graham Gordon lost his wife in childbirth. He wanders aimlessly, letting nothing hold him to one place for longer than a week or two. That is, until he sees the fair Heather and knows in his heart that she is the one for him.

When Heather and Graham meet, it is love at first sight. But fate is at work with the star-crossed lovers limiting their time together but not the amount of love they feel for one another. Graham will love and lose his wife; and in doing so, his life is changed forever.

From the first paragraph the reader is sent back in time to 15th century Scotland. The dialogue, though sometimes indecipherable, is authentic and makes the story even richer. As this is a prequel to another story, it is not very long.  However, it is packed with so much love and heartache that it still leaves the reader feeling satisfied.

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