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ISBN#: 978-0-263-19906-2
August 2008
Mills and Boon
Eton House, 18-24 Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey, UK TW9 15R
184 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Eve Dwyer is a nurse in the Cornish town of Penhally. She is unmarried, the love of her life left town twenty years before.

Tom Cornish is the son of Penhally’s town drunk. Against the odds he became a doctor and got out of town as soon as possible. He now runs an international rescue organization and wonders what became of the girl he left behind.

Penhally is a small town and small towns have long memories. No matter how successful he becomes, Dr. Tom Cornish will always be the troublemaker and Nurse Eve Dwyer the good girl. Their romance ended twenty years before and the love between the two never really died. The fact that Eve ended up pregnant and was forced to have an abortion adds a layer of bitterness to her memories of that summer romance. She is not sure that she can forgive either him or herself.

This story is a really quick and enjoyable read. This appears to be a long running series, but the book stands alone very well. Eve and Tom are in their forties, looking back at the mistakes they have made in their lives. Tom’s biggest mistake was cutting contact with Eve. Eve is guilt ridden over having to abort Tom’s baby. Tom’s return to town causes the local gossips to remember every bad thing he ever did, in spite of his prestigious career, but he is determined to reconnect with Eve. This makes for interesting reading. A natural disaster adds excitement and drama and shows Tom’s good points. The characters are very well drawn and the setting realistic. The author does a good job of both describing the disaster and the peoples reaction to it and its aftermath.

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