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ISBN: 9781419911224
September 27, 2007
Cerridwen Press
129 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Samantha Crews is a vampire with unique mental powers. She is the only vampire to have breached the kiss of her master and become independent. That power has marked her as a target for one of the most powerful vampires to ever walk the earth.

Ryan Callahan is haunted by his past. He loved a woman once and in order to save her life he damned her soul. His love for a human has once again born a tragedy that will forever ravage his conscience.

Ryan and Isabel would never have a life together. The night of their Christmas party had changed the future for all of them. Death had invaded their lives and the lives of their friends. Something heinous was at work and it would take Samantha and Ryan as well as some of their human friends to get to the bottom of it. The killing of their human consorts was just the beginning of a war that had to be stopped before it became another Inferno. Ryan and Samantha felt they had nothing left to lose, and were willing to risk their lives if it meant saving the few friends they had left.

This story is gripping and raw with intense emotion and great characters. Samantha is powerful both physically and mentally. But her love for Danny and her friends is her true strength. Ryan is devastated with losing Isabel and wants nothing but revenge. His pain is so blinding that only Samantha’s intervention saves his life. This vampire world and its characters are created so realistically you almost expect to hear about them on the evening news, and not be able to sleep afterwards!

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