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ISBN# 978-0-9792629-6-8
March 2008
Tiger Publications
P.O. Box 74, Lemont, IL 60439
425 Pages
Alternate History/Women’s Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

As a duty to her country, Princess Taillte of the Kingdom of Ireland was to marry the King of England. On her wedding night, a tragedy is brought about by an evil madman, which leaves her horribly scarred. Talty is forced into hiding for her own protection.

Neil Boru, Talty’s cousin by adoption, is her Shivail, or her sworn protector since childhood. He feels very guilty for not being able to protect his cousin in her time of need. Other members of the royal family are also on guard to defend their home and country. But Neil has another dilemma; he is in love with someone who is forbidden.

Roger Wessex of the British royal family is determined to own the oil wells that belong to Ireland. He is also planning on usurping the throne of England and making himself king. Meanwhile, Talty marries a trusted friend for protection, who takes her to Japan where she continues her warrior training and receives plastic surgery to remove the scars on her face. Soon she ends up in California working for the International Security Forces on a dangerous, top-secret mission, but she longs to be back home in Ireland. When she does return to Ireland, many of her own relatives do not even recognize her. She finds her family trying to thwart the plotting of Wessex to overthrow the Irish throne and Talty jumps in to help.

A Band of Roses is a novel rich in detail and Irish legend. The alternate history of this story is that Ireland has remained independent and has been ruled by a monarch for centuries. Although the storytelling is great, it is easy to become lost with the numerous characters. The action is exciting and very detailed. It is obvious that the author has done her research for this well-written book.

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