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ISBN#: 978-1-59578-412-4
December 2007
Liquid Silver Books
96 Pages
Contemporary / Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Trevor Scott is the owner of the Pump ‘em Up gym. His unconscious drive to make himself stronger and more powerful comes from a childhood of physical and mental abuse. His mother and father were horrific parents, and his only saving grace was his best friend’s family, the Campbell’s.

Lillian Campbell has known Trevor her whole life. Her brother Brian was his best friend, and Trevor spent more time at their house than his own. She was always the kid sister, nick-named Lil the Pill.

Lil has just about given up on finding the right man, but with her biological clock hammering away, something needs to be done. She wants a baby, and whether that involves having a husband or not, she is tired of waiting. Trevor is her best friend, and since her parents and Brian died, her only real family. When Trevor announces his wish to father her baby, Lil is simultaneously shocked and excited. She has had feelings for him for so long, but never guessed they were mutual. Trevor is a bit taken aback by his declaration, but once the seed is planted he cannot let go of the idea. The thought of Lil being with any other man leaves him cold. They have always had a connection, and one night together solidifies it. However Trevor knows in his heart that he is not husband material. How could he possibly love and care for a family with the way he grew up?

Kelly Wallace has produced a real gem. Her characters are full of life, truly grasping the readers’ attention. Trevor is the big macho man with a broken heart, just begging to be healed. Lil is his match in every way. She sees right through his tough guy exterior, and does not back down. The romance is hot and heavy, but the real heart of the story is the love and understanding they have for each other and their baby.

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