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ISBN# (13) 978-1-60370-331-4/(10) 1-60370-331-4
April 5, 2008
Torquere Press
30 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 cups

Gavin is a half-human, half-elf who has a hard time controlling his magic. He works as a cook and loves his job. He is in love with his human partner Simon.

Simon is Gavin’s human lover. He loves Gavin dearly and accepts him as he is for the most part, although he does not like it when Gavin uses magic.

Tom is a cat who has been turned into a human. Like most male cats he is randy a lot of the time.

When Gavin accidentally turns a stray cat into a human, he is left with the very real problem of what to do with him now. He knows that Simon his human lover is going to be less than enthused with this latest magical debacle. Meanwhile his own attraction to the very sexy Tom could be a problem as well, for though he loves Simon, the cat in human form is very sexy. Will he be able to change Tom back to his original form? Will Simon forgive this latest transgression?

About Cat Scratch Fever is a very entertaining bit of urban fantasy romance. I truly enjoyed it and thought Ms. Davin did an excellent job of creating a world where Elves and Cats walk among ordinary humans. Tom’s very cat-like antics had me roaring with laughter. The descriptions of Gavin’s power and how it can sometimes get out of control were very well written. I also adored how Simon just took it all in stride, even when he was highly irritated by both Tom’s antics, and Gavin’s slip-ups. This is a wonderful, well-written read that I am happy to give our highest rating!

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