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ISBN#: (13)978-0-373-06667-4/(10)0-373-06667-8
December 2008
Harlequin Enterprises Limited
184 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Charles Wetherby has never allowed his handicap to define who he is, at least not in the public eye. As director of the Crocodile Creek Air Sea Rescue Base and founder of the brand new children’s clinic for the disabled, he has achieved more than most of his peers.

Being the director of nursing at Croc Creek is a dream come true for Jill Shaw. Pregnant at sixteen and forced into a marriage that would have killed most women, Jill has come a long way in eight years.

For Jill the chance of having a real family is almost as terrifying as being nearly beaten to death by her ex-husband. She never ever allows herself to want anything; in her experience it only leads to heartache, but she cannot help herself. Lily needs a home with two loving parents, and Charlie and Jill are the only prospects. They have nursed this beautiful little girl since the tragic death of her parents; now it is time to set aside the personal barricades and try to be a family for her.

This story is such a study in contrasts with the two main characters, it really leaves you wondering. Charlie and Jill meet every challenge head-on when it comes to work, but in their personal lives they are completely mired in doubt and uncertainty. The only problem is Jill; her character is in such emotional turmoil, I found myself truly disliking her treatment of Charlie. However this storyline is beautifully written, and really showcases the talents of Marion Lennox.

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