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ISBN#: (10)1604350431/(13)9781604350432
February 2008
Red Rose Publishing
105 Pages
Science Fiction Mainstream Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Meirion Flatt is part of a human reality series hosted by the Fey world. Her everyday life is recorded by Fey observers and broadcast on the Fey home world. She is accustomed to their policy of no acknowledgement, but with Kiar she finds it harder to take.

Kiar is just one of the Fey posted to observe Meirion. He is a light, Eiliv is a dark, and Niet a shade. His coloring, like the others, is a symbol of his heritage, one that demands complete and utter control of his feelings. To lose that control would be a disgrace, not only to him, but to his entire race.

Meirion lost the love of her life when her husband Eric died. It took a long time to pull herself out of a depression that would have killed her if not for her best friend Tandy and her mom. They forced her to live again. Meirion never thought she would be given a second chance at love, but her feelings for Kiar are making her think otherwise. Now if she can just get him to talk to her, she will finally know if those feelings are mutual. Kiar is holding onto his control by a very fine thread. Meirion is beautiful as well as resourceful, and her attempts to get him to respond have almost succeeded…almost. He never believed he could love someone, and then hurt them as badly as he does Meirion. Her pain and his honor are tearing him apart, but can he turn his back on the very foundation of his being to love her?

What an interesting concept in a time of mega-hit reality shows. It is very intriguing to imagine us as being in the fishbowl while a superior race watches our every move. Who knows? Maybe we already are. I really enjoyed the characters, especially Meirion. She is honest about her feelings and desires, and just goes for it. Ms. Renquist is an author with an amazing imagination, and reading more of her work will be a pleasure.

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