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ISBN# Unavailable
August 2008
The Wild Rose Press/The Wilder Roses
95 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Jane is an artist at heart, and an accountant by trade. She has taken the summer off to paint and try to find herself.

Stone is, in the words of Jane’s best friend Sara, a ‘player’. But Stone is something more because what he hides deep inside, Jane can somehow see when she looks into his eyes.

When Jane first sets eyes on Stone she is positively smitten. Stoneʼs good looks are legendary in the small town Sara grew up in, but so is the fact that he is player. While Stone is able to talk Jane into sex almost immediately, this is unusual for Jane because she would never have allowed it with anyone else. After that it is only a matter of days before Janeʼs heart and body are committed. However, Stone wants no part of Janeʼs heart and makes this clear right away. Will Jane be able to break past the emotional walls Stone is hiding behind?

This story is definitely a tear jerker. The truth is I started out thinking I was going to not like it at all because I found Stone’s behavior towards Jane reprehensible. I thought the story was going to be about this toxic relationship, which is not the kind of story I fancy at all. However, little by little, Ms. Devon drew me in and as I began to see there was indeed more there than met the eyes, I was completely hooked until I had read the very last page. All I can say to future readers without giving things away is just keep reading, even if you think you do not want to because you will not be disappointed. Hot sex, as well as, a stirringly emotional ride to a very satisfying conclusion is what awaits you.

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