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ISBN# (10): 0-7582-2845-1/ (13): 978-0-7582-2845-1
August 26, 2008
Kensington Publishing Company, 850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
$13.95 U.S./$16.95 Canada
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Once Bitten

Jake Brand, lawman turned vampire, likes to be fair in his actions. Instead of releasing extreme harshness to his victims, he makes sure to delight them in the most intense erotic pleasure. After meeting Athena, the heat intensifies almost bringing him to his knees.

Athena eyes Jake, and in a heartbeat would go anywhere with him. He is handsome, attractive in every sensual way, and something inside her just clicks to be with him. She is glad she paid a visit to the bar after seeing Jake.

Jake knows he is in trouble when he sees Athena. She reminds him of another woman, and another time. The mere sight of her makes him lose his concentration. Just like Iris of years prior who had been so lovely and dwelt deep in his heart, until one day she was gone. Jake and Athena hit if off at the bar and decide to head out for the night when they are attacked. It is then she realizes there are really vampires. When hunters again come after Athena, Jake appears and watches over her. She grows tired of looking over her shoulder and wishes things were back to normal. Jake shows her how caring he can be, but begins to wonder with him being a vampire will it be a treat she will accept. Athena wishes to learn and explore more possibilities with Jake. He wonders will it frighten her, especially when he must teach her the ins and outs of being a vampire and stalking for blood. When one set of hunters continues to cause trouble, can Jake really protect the one woman he has grown to love?

Once Bitten is a really hot, steamy story that carries Athena into a world she has never known. I found it interesting the way she must learn to live in a vampire world. Jake almost melts when he is near her. Their love consumes like a blazing forest fire. The mystery with the hunters, the intense thrill of being on the run as Athena must stay hidden at times keeps the adrenaline racing with this reader. With great characters, a riveting plot, and action that grabs the reader, this story is intriguing.

Bitten after Dark

Daniel Ward has been a vampire for centuries. He has managed to appease his hunger for blood without bringing harm to his victims by heightening their ecstasy. Then he meets the one woman that practically blows his mind.

Meg is on a mission to find a missing woman. Her journey carries her to a destination where she meets Daniel. She finds him an enigma of a person. Before long, she finds herself being drawn to him in the most intimate ways

Daniel has a past he wishes to keep in his past. He wishes no real attachment to any one woman. He has no need to earn money since he has everything within his grip. Women are always attracted to him. Sometimes it is a blessing, while other times a curse only throughout his existence. He does what he can to survive. He usually is in control of his thoughts, until the day he meets Meg and feels he is being followed. Meg met Daniel in a bar and was immediately drawn to the handsome figure. She feels he may have some information on someone she seeks. In no time Daniel is wise to Meg’s actions. He is like a bloodhound picking up her scent. She has the strong power to even make his fangs ache with a passion for her. If he wanted, he could give her one little bite, making her powerless. Meg wonders how Daniel can quickly just appear out of nowhere with rapid speed. She could use his help in her search for a missing person but the longer they are drawn together, the sexual desire is maddening, but where will it lead when she learns he is a vampire?

Bitten After Dark is a thrilling read that carries the reader on a journey into the darkened eve of vampires and sexual heated passion. Meg reminds me of a tough cookie gal who will stop at nothing until she gets what she is after. Daniel has the love them and leave them persona with a dynamite approach to reaching his victims. I think what makes them such an ideal couple is the way they are different than night and day, but the minute they feel that heated chemistry, they instantly are pulled into a web of passion hard to release.

Ms. Parks creates two assorted stories in Addicted that infuse the pages with heat. The non-stop action rivets from the first page to the last. Both stories have refreshing characterization, within the players, that leave just a piece of themselves with the reader, once the story is over. She has a way of creating stories that draw in the reader and take them on a magic carpet ride of spectacular events, that burn with every turn of the page.

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