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ISBN#: 978-1-1934657-09-6
November 10, 2008
Sapphire Blue Publishing
73 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Running border patrol is just what Agent Kaitlin Harrington needs to get her mind off of her troubles, especially at this time of year. It has been a year since the death of her unborn child, and Kaitlin can honestly say she hates Christmas.

The FBI is running a sting operation, and Miguel Carrera is the undercover agent infiltrating a band of coyotes bringing illegal aliens across the border from Mexico. His mission is made even more dangerous with the threat of terrorists in the group.

The heartbreak is still so fresh that Kaitlin cannot bear to think of it. So she buries her hurt in her work. Keeping busy keeps her sane, but her fellow patrolmen are slowly testing her patience. They are completely unprofessional, and she is glad to be on her own for the night. Her relief quickly turns to fear when she finds herself held hostage by the very people she is sworn to apprehend. Learning of Miguel’s true identity only heightens her apprehension as her libido goes into overdrive. The mission must come first, and there are no guarantees of the outcome. They may all be dead tomorrow, so why not make the most of today?

The joy of Christmas is hard to find for Kaitlin, who bears a pain that is palpable. She never loses her faith, or shuns her duties, but her heart is bruised and battered. The reader can really empathize with her character on many levels. Ms. Schartz also does a fantastic job of setting you right in the scene with her characters. She builds the suspense and follows through with vigor, sweeping her readers up in the action.

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