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ISBN# Not Available
April 2007
Lulu Press Inc.
860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300, Morrisville, NC 27560
$1.50 E-book/$8.99 Paperback
150 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


First Sergeant Scott Riley wants to live through the war so he can meet the one woman that gave him comfort with her uplifting letters.

Cassandra Wright lives in Florida and wishes to achieve her dream as a pianist before she considers marriage. Corresponding with Scott has been a joy.

Scott spent many lonely nights on his bunk reading the lovely letters from Cassie. He would often look at her photo, and in time, he grew to love her even though they had never met. He promised God if he lived through the war, he wanted to make something of his life. He heads to Florida to meet Cassie and ask for her hand in marriage. Cassie is thrilled when the Chancellor of the Bennett Conservatory in Jacksonville calls for her to come and do another piano audition. She had almost given up of any possibility of being accepted at the school but now things are looking up. Cassie is pleased to meet Scott. Even his laugh makes her toes curl. She is not certain she can give up her dream for a marriage. With six weeks to get to know each other, Scott and Cassie must learn to follow their hearts.

A Different Tune is a poignant romance that should be read by everyone. Cassie and Scott are likeable characters. The way they converse allows the reader to feel their every step. I enjoyed the interaction when they met for the first time, after only sharing letters, and photos in their correspondence. Ms. Campbell gave this reader a sentimental journey to another time, and place, alongside a loving soldier. She creates many memorable travels, not only on the open road, but inside the heart in this lovely read.

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