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ISBN 1-59374-434-X
January 2006
Whiskey Creek Press
334 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

FBI Special Agent Judy Deavers cannot believe that as soon as she leaves a case where a single family dwelling is destroyed in an explosion they suspect caused by Smetex, another explosion goes off in another state. And someone is leaving their calling card stuck in the mailbox. After the President calls her and Agent Johansson in to discuss events from the past, along with a strange woman who continues to appear and disappear, and a mirage of dragons, she and Agent Johansson find themselves on a tail spinning adventure that could cost them their lives.

FBI Agent Eric Johansson has never been on such an unusual case. This one is enough to baffle anyone’s mind and every time he and Agent Deavers draw one step closer something changes. He begins to see Agent Deavers as a woman that he would like to get to know better. Not only is she beautiful, but smart and composed for any woman that he has ever met. When their lives fall into jeopardy, will he lose her and the case?

AEthereal is a story that revolves around two agents who must find out who is causing explosions in some caves. No sooner than they arrive at one scene there is another explosion that sends them to another state. After the agents have a meeting with the President and learn the real secret behind the mission, they soon become targets that must be erased. Judy and Eric are shocked to hear there are dragons that must be spared on their assignment, no matter what the consequences. In their search for the assailant, they learn they have feelings for each other. The episode with the President is an unforgettable scene. The plot is thick and the well-developed secondary characters make it a treasure to read.

Mr. Wilcox is a talented author who puts you inside the characters head, allowing you to practically pick their brain. His writing is consistent and flows smoothly with twists and turns that mesmerize every page. The plot is thick and the well-developed secondary characters make it a treasure to read. He has penned a fabulous read that hypnotizes the reader and has them begging for more. A fast paced story that you do not want to miss.

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