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ISBN# 978-0-6151-4242-5/Re-Release Unavilable
April 2007/December 15, 2008
Lyrical Press
129 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Vickie is devastated by the doctor’s diagnosis of cancer. She saw her father die of lung cancer and did not want to put her family through the same heartache. The one bright spot in all of this is the nurse in the radiology clinic, Josh Miller.

Josh has always wanted to find a special woman and be part of a family again. He runs into a woman in the supermarket, literally, and is smitten. He is saddened to find her among the patients having chemo, but is determined to get to know her better.

A woman with cancer finds love and fights both it and the cancer. The man who loves her is willing to fight for her and her family and hopefully will have a family for the holidays.

This is a touching and heart-warming story of a woman’s fight against cancer and the love she finds along the way. A previous marriage made Vickie bitter towards men, so Josh really has an uphill battle to win Vickie’s heart. It is hard to believe that she resists as long as she does, but I can understand her not wanting to burden another person with her problems. Josh does not give up and I liked his character all the better for it. He is wonderful, but not so nice as to be unbelievable. Vickie’s children were very well described and very realistic, as was the character of Denise. Vickie’s story could have degenerated into a soap opera, but Ms. Lattimer has created a really good and uplifting story of a survivor and the love of her life.

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