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ISBN#: (10)006117422X/(13)9780061174223
June 2008
William Morrow (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
$23.95 U.S./$25.95 Canada
304 Pages
Ratings: 4 Cups

Colin Hargreaves has no trouble being surrounded by any young lady. Of course, no one strikes his attention more than the Countess von Lange. He wishes to renew his acquaintance with her.

Countess von Lange, Lady Emily Ashton, has not much knowledge regarding Renaissance art, but is rather an expert in classical art. She likes Colin but there are some who believe she would not make him a suitable wife. She intends to prove differently.

Emily is the daughter of Earl Bromley, widow of the Viscount Ashton. She is a scholar of Greek language and art. When childhood friend, Ivy, insists she attend a gathering with her, Emily agrees. She is not too happy that the party is at the residence of Lord Basil Fortescue, a loathsome man she detests. It is there she once again becomes acquainted with Colin, a gentleman of independent means. He is sometimes called upon by Buckingham Palace to investigate matters requiring discretion. The party goes in a different direction when the host is killed and suspicion points to Robert, Ivy's husband, an up-and-coming politician. Many believe he had motive. Emily refuses to believe Robert did the dastardly deed and intends on helping to find the real murderer. In no time, she and Colin unite for the search. Can Colin help find the real killer or has Emily placed them both in perilous situations?

A Fatal Waltz carries the reader into a sweet waltz in itself. The delightful characters practically dance off the pages. This era is rich with passion, romance and a love that lasts through the years. I love how Tasha Alexander makes Emily courageous in her quest to find justice for Ivy's husband. She weaves a thrilling adventure for Colin and Emily that breathes life. It is one sleuth escapade, fast-paced, with some twists and turns thrown in to keep the reader guessing. She depicts a story very visual in every aspect and one that captivates by far.

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