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ISBN# 0758213700
May 2006
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
297 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tyne Jensen is a Chicago Journalist. Of late the young black woman has some sensual dreams that are disturbing her slumber. The lack of a good night sleep is gradually taking a toll on her as they revolve around a mysterious man. After violence enters the picture, Tyne becomes terrified. When she meets a handsome man with dazzling green eyes and a penetrating deep voice, she begins to form a connection with him and her stimulating dreams.

David Carvelli is a great architect. He is surprised when he meets Tyne and learns their dreams are almost identical in ways. Dreams that are not only tantalizing, but carry a calamity that involves a murder as he is drawn to Tyne.

Carmen, David’s mother and a psychic, senses danger. The dreams are connected to a man from the past; a man filled with anger who stops at nothing to get what he desires. Determined to pry further, she learns of a mysterious murder of a black schoolteacher in the 1800’s in New York involving a wealthy white man.

Tyne is not the only one experiencing strange dreams. After meeting David at her sister's wedding, she is awakened by many things in her dreams that are a remembrance of her erotic night fantasies. David has his visions and feels a strong attraction to Tyne. In David’s dreams, he is drawn to a lovely woman that he feels needs protection and as he is engulfed in everything about her, they begin a sweltering affair. Tyne and David feel they represent the people in the dreams. Their only concern involves the tragic past surrounding the visions. Carmen does not wish for her son to get involved with anything that could bring peril to his life. David has other ideas when it comes to Tyne. The closer they become, they wonder if the past will repeat itself. They feel their love can beat the odds. But if David is the same man in her dreams that stalks her each night, then things may not look fruitful for them.

Again is a strong story that surrounds heartbreak, loss, and romance that ties a past with a much-needed present. Tyne is a strong character that is not afraid to find out the meaning of the troubling visions. David is a warm charismatic character that seems to genuinely care deeply for Tyne, despite the race issues, the dreams, or the advice from his mother. Ms. Cullars blends interesting characters, some intrigue that keeps the pages turning, and the reader guessing. She pens a magnetic story that engages the reader in this past and present of Déjà vu that adds character to the storyline, while lending an in-depth cast to make this story one of passion with a touch of mystery that keep the pages slowly smoldering.

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