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ISBN# 978-1-60088-110-7
February 23, 2007
Cobblestone Press, LLC
111 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Hope Sterling wanted love and marriage but learned Thom could never give her anything she desired.

Kaine Kingsley has a past history that may cost him the only woman he has ever loved. Four years later, his desire for Hope is even stronger.

Thom Sterling has long been Kaine’s adversary. Kaine knows his secret and Thom plans to use it to his advantage.

Hope is shocked to learn that her husband, Thom wishes her to have sex with another man. After fifteen years of listening to Hope wanting a baby and still finding herself childless, he feels she owes him. He believes her pampered life leaves her with no skills except for flipping burgers, so she needs him for everything. Kaine has a code of honor and Thom knows that he also wishes for his wife, Hope. Kaine still has not forgotten the dance he shared with Hope at the Bengal tiger exhibit, four years prior. Hope goes to the gardens that give her peace of mind when she spots Kaine and recalls their dance. In time she learns she can trust Kaine. After learning Thom’s deep dark secret, she can only hope Kaine can find her an easy way out.

Greed, hate, pure evil resides in A Garden in the Moonlight as Thom pulls no stops to get exactly what he wants. How one man can ooze with so much malicious intent is amazing. He definitely makes one bad guy. I could feel the emotions and trepidations of Hope and Kaine. They exact complete realism in this extraordinary story. Ms. Lucas entails a great plot, well-rounded characteristics, and seasons with malicious intent showing how vicious some people can be to others. She gives Hope and Kaine the strength to overcome the impossible and discover the real principle in life.

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