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ISBN: unavailable
October 2008
Lyrical Press
46 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The opening day is quickly approaching for hotel owner Clair Handley. Her final acquisition, a stone gargoyle for the front lobby, has finally arrived from Scotland, and she is ecstatic. He is a magnificent sculpture, with a body to rival that of any Greek god.

The statue has a name, Lochinvar Stone, and a purpose. He is held by a magic spell to follow orders from the heirs of the MacGregor estate.

Clair finds herself inexplicably drawn to the stone gargoyle. He is as beautiful as he is dangerous looking, and she cannot help but to touch him. Now, if she can keep Duncan MacGregor away from him and her hotel, she will be happy. Macgregor’s claims that he is the rightful heir have been disproved, but he will not let the matter drop. Clair is nearing the end of her patience with MacGregor, especially when certain items from her apartment come up missing. She cannot let anyone get their hands on Lochinvar; he is hers, and hers alone. She must find a way to break the spell, or she could lose him forever.

This is a most fascinating and mysterious tale. Clair’s character has an uncommon attraction to a stone statue, like she can feel its inner pull. Lochinvar is much more than just stone, and craves affection without the fear that usually accompanies it. The storyline is really quite interesting. Honestly, who can go wrong with gorgeous faeries and a sexy stone creature to keep you safe at night?

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