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ISBN#: 978-1-60435-089-0
March 2008
Red Rose Publishing
460 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Verity is approaching forty and her whole life seems different. She is pretty sure her husband of twenty years is cheating on her and her mother-in-law seems troubled. The bright spot in her life is her antique shop.

Josh is new in town. He works for his uncle refinishing furniture and restoring antiques. The flat above Verity’s shop seems perfect for him and he is very attracted to the lovely shop owner himself.

Verity and Michael’s marriage is on the rocks and Michael’s mother is facing a serious illness. Verity’s business is growing and as she takes stock of her life, she is blossoming and a new life opens up for her and Josh.

This is a real soap opera of a story. It has a little bit of everything; infidelity, troubled children, fatal illnesses, child abuse, a possible murder, and much more. I liked Verity and her mother-in-law Ruth, but found Michael and the daughter Jane to be spoiled and self-absorbed. Michael particularly, is pretty unlikable, blaming everything in his life on others. Everything he blames Verity for, he has done himself and more. I did like Jane’s boyfriend Tim, and Verity’s friend Susan, both very sensible and realistic characters. Josh is a great character, mature despite his years, and he knows exactly what he wants in life. He is everything Michael should have been but was not. The subplot of Jane’s relationship and Ruth’s flashbacks to her first love add interesting layers to the story. Verity and Josh’s story is very good and this story is an enjoyable one amidst the drama.

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