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ISBN# (10)1608362949/(13)978-1608362943
April 2009
Publish America LLLP
P.O. Box 151, Frederick, MD 21705
455 pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sir Lasher Oxbridge is excited to be returning home to see his lovely wife, Tessa, and son, Perin. He never expected to face heartbreak when he arrived.

Miles Darkblade lost his dear wife to bandits. He made a vow, on her death, to never be with another woman, and to find the ones who killed her and his unborn son.

Lasher is cut asunder when he arrives home to see his wife, Tessa, lying in a pool of blood, and his son, Perin gone. After learning the sorceress Morta kidnapped his son and took him to the dragon at Scallay Mountain, he heads out to bring Perin home. Lasher sees images of Tessa and hears her lovely voice. She tells him to go to the village of Malika and find the Darkblade. In Malika, he meets up with Miles Darkblade and together they join forces to find the evil Morta. Throughout the quest, Lasher meets Thomas, a young stable boy, whom he offers to help after the mission is over. As Lasher and Miles begin the arduous trip, they never imagine the obstacles they will face.

A Knight’s Quest is a stirring read that delves deep into the hearts of many players in this action-packed read. My heart went out to Lasher. I could feel all the agony inflicting him when he arrives home to the destruction that has taken place. The moving way that Tessa appears to Lasher and speaks to him is indeed emotional. I felt a strong connection to Thomas for the ordeals he has suffered at a young age. Just when I was trying to share in Lasher’s feelings, Anna Chaput throws a curve ball and introduces Miles and his dilemma, piercing my heart even further. This is a great story that I love so much I could read it again.

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