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  Knight's Series

Book 1 - A Knight's Vengeance

Book 2 - A Knight's Reward

Book 3- A Knight's Temptation

Book 4 - A Knight's Persuasion

ISBN# (10): 1932815996/ (13): 978-1932815993
April 8, 2008
Medallion Press
1020 Cedar Avenue, Saint Charles, Illinois 60174
$7.95 U.S./$8.95 Canada
385 Pages
Medieval Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Gisela Anne Balewyne has lived with pain and tears everyday, fearful for her life. She must never allow her abusive husband to locate her or her son, Ewan. Unable to trust anyone, she is surprised to run into an old love who offers his home for protection.

Dominic de Terre is a wealthy Lord’s son who is looking for a priceless cloth shipment. After an unfortunate separation, he is glad to have an old love return in his life, but once hearing the secret she has kept from him all these years, things may change for him.

Gisela tries her best to stay one foot ahead of her abusive husband, Ryle. After four months she is still safe, without any appearance from him. Even as cautious as she has been, she realizes he still could be watching, waiting to pounce. She trains her senses to trust no one. Ryle is a vile man and warned she better not leave and go to her family or he would cut them, too. After seeing Dominic after many years, her heart still holds feelings for him. A scheming woman, years before, separated Gisela from Dominic and now that they are reunited, love blossoms again. She holds a secret he knows nothing about, but she does not know if she can trust him. When Dominic offers his home to her and Ewan, it opens a love they once shared but their happiness may soon be cut short.

A Knights Reward is an engaging page-turner. One can practically feel the anxiety that goes through the mind of Gisela. She is like a tortured caged bird. I really love how Catherine Kean captures the characters expressions so well. They are so believable in everything. The interaction between Dominic and Ewan is remarkable. Ms. Kean takes the reader into the lives, and hearts, of the dazzling cast in this rare tale that allows the audience to share in the passion, romance and love that Dominic and Gisela experience all over again. This is a masterpiece, an extraordinary tale that should be read by all.

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