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ISBN# 1-59998-254-4
January 30, 2007
Samhain Publishing
227 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Alaina Ryan has been the greatest blessing in her father’s life. Now, all he has asked of her is to help him return home to Ireland to die. Alaina is worried about taking her ill father back to Ireland but she will not refuse his request. She also learns that he made a promise and betrothed her to Torin O’Brien, who happens to be the son of his best friend, Michael and wife, Maggie

Torin O’Brien harbors too much past pain to even consider marrying anyone, until he meets Alaina and learns she has been promised to him in marriage. After his last girlfriend was murdered, he was accused of the crime. Exonerated of the charges, he still has a bitter taste at the thought of marriage to anyone.

Alaina seems to bring out the good in him, and he feels that she might be the one to release the terrible past that haunts him. While in Ireland, Alaina learns the promise of loving someone can often heal broken hearts, in more ways than one, as she and Torin search for that happiness to mend a broken past.

Alaina’s Promise is a moving tale in this page-turner. I could not help but be captivated by the events that transpired in Alaina’s life. It was very evident how much love she felt for her father, even fulfilling his complete wishes, and the way he thought about her when he was dying was heart-tugging. The likeable characters of Alaina and Torin will pierce the heart, as they find a love that transcends. Meg Allison pens a warm wonderful romance that grabs the heart. With a cleverly constructed plot, the reader is caught up in all the emotions and turmoil that spin within this enjoyable story.

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