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ISBN#: (10)0595846742/(13)9780595846740/(10)0595402984/(13)9780595402984 (Paperback)
March 2007
2021 Pine Lake Rd., Suite 100, Lincoln NE 68512
Paperback / E-Book
$13.95 / $6.00
184 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Alice Owens is your typical housewife in Falls Church, Virginia. Her love for gardening began at a young age, and with virtually no back yard, she took over the vacant lot next door. She knew that someday the lot would sell, and she would have to give up her garden, but when it became a reality, she had much more at stake than a few flowers.

Fergus is a Green Man from the Timeless Realm. He is able to visit the Changing World through a portal in an ancient apple tree. The tree happens to be in the center of Alice’s garden, and when she brings the garden to life, he visits her. His kind have tried to keep a certain balance in the Changing World, and when humans upset that balance it his job to correct it. The imminent destruction of Alice’s garden is a huge concern for Fergus, as it will close his portal.

Alice loves her garden, and the peace it has brought into her life. She has needed that serenity while dealing with Brian, her ex. He is insufferable, and will not stay out of her life even though their sons are practically grown. So Alice takes to the garden, where she may just have fallen into the rabbit hole, because standing before her is a green man, a very beautifully built green man. Fergus is fascinated with Alice. She is not only lovely to look at, but her soul is just as beautiful. The way she cares for the garden lets him know that she is a true guardian, and just what the garden needs to survive. They strike up an interesting friendship, and when Alice learns of the sale of the lot, she relies on Fergus’s help. They are in for the fight of their lives, and the futility of it all clouds their budding relationship. Fergus must save his tree if he wants to continue passing between his world and Alice’s. She entwines his heart in a way that he has never experienced, and knowing that he is immortal and she is not, crushes him. Alice is certain that loving Fergus is as foolish as her dream to save the garden, but sometimes the heart has a mind of its own.

I found myself wanting to shake Alice throughout this whole story. She is insecure and takes criticism like it is her due. The one shining light is her son Tommy, who despite his father and brother being complete jerks, stands by his mother’s side. The story itself is well written, and the characters…even Fergus…are well rounded and lively. Ms. Sprague is a very talented author, and her story is a wonderfully quirky read.

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