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ISBN: 1-4137-4007-3
August 2005
Trade Paperback
172 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups
“Daddy, how do you know when you love somebody?” Alison asks after leaving her abusive husband. Her mother, perfect in everything, insists on the same perfection from Alison. She chose the man to whom Alison would marry. Appearances were important to the family, no matter the cost. Alison’s father saw things differently, however. Finally tired of being a punching bag, Alison hops in her car and leaves, only to have her car unexplainably break down in Grabill, Ohio. She soon finds herself living a life there that she truly loves. When she meets a man who begins to stir her heartstrings, Alison wonders if this is really love.

Tyler has already been through one bitter marriage. When he meets Alison, it is like his first wife all over again. Another ‘Little Miss Perfect’ has come to town. Soon he gets to know Alison better and sees underneath her shell. Alison is just a young woman screaming to be herself. When he falls hard for her, can he help her see that he will wait as long as it takes to have her in his life? Or will she believe she would never be good enough for him?

This book is a must-read by everyone, including men. It is a sweet, emotional journey that grabs at the heart and leaves you thirsting for more. I could not put this book down. It is a book that brings back good memories of small town living. I liked the way the writer gave Alison strength and courage to help her with her struggles. I felt Alison’s pain when she kept thinking she would never be good enough to find love with anyone.

Ms. Tippett writes with clarity, grace, and rhythm that only gets better with each turn of the page. She is a very talented writer. I wish I could have given this book more than five cups! Alison's Journey is an intensifying story that should be on the best-seller list. It is that superb!

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