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ISBN# 1-934069-48-5
March 2007
Freya's Bower
71 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

As a child, Penelope Kristie Hinka resisted the teachings that the Hinka Coven instructed, preferring to play childish pranks. When the Goddess gives her a new identity as Brenda Dunkley, she searches for love.

William Grahams, a Solicitor, meets Brenda after she accidentally strikes him with a box of Surf detergent.

On the plane of Oricitis, Penelope was born a Hinka witch. The Goddess gives her an ultimatum; behave herself as Penelope or head to earth and live as a human. Penelope decides on the latter, taking the identity of Brenda. The Goddess informs her, when it is time for her to return, she will be summoned. It makes no difference about the short time span as long as she can find love. Brenda has no idea her memory from Oricitis, as Penelope, will conflict with her earth memory, yet faded memories often enter her mind. When William steps into her life, she immediately notices he has a great butt. She would love to grab hold of him and never let go. In no time, they share some romantic dates as their love begins to blossom. Just when she feels her life is finding completeness, she hears a voice calling her name but she is not ready to return to Oricitis, and she may never be ready, especially since she loves the identity of Brenda.

I must say, All About Brenda is a breathtaking read that really brings on the laughter. The interactions of Brenda and William discovering love are invigorating and kept my attention. Their dialogue and comical actions are believable as they begin a blossoming romance. M.E Ellis spins a great tale that is a breath of fresh air. I found this tale to be charming and a great adventure that lends sexual energy to any day.

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