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ISBN#: 1-55410-617-6
January 2006
eXtasy Books
213 Pages
Vampire Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Allegra Montague, a young Italian widow who lives during the Renaissance, has been having erotic dreams about a mysterious man. The dreams are so real she is unsure if she is awake or truly dreaming at times. In the wake of these dreams she and her two best friends, Sophia and Eloise, are invited by the Lord and Lady Lamberti to vacation with them at their villa.

Gabriele Del Fra is the man she has been dreaming of, and he is a vampire. When Allegra meets him at the villa, she is stunned to discover her dreams were real, and so is the man in them. Gabriele must choose a bride from the three women, and Allegra is the one to whom he is most drawn.

Gabriele, according to vampire law, must spend time with all three women and put them through a set of tests. Only one will succeed, and the losers will be executed by an assassin. The tests are rigorous and there are times when Allegra is unsure if she wants to continue, though she believes herself in love with Gabriele. However, even in the face of such insurmountable odds, she chooses to go on. It becomes a test to see who will live, who will die, and if the love Gabriele and Allegra find can survive against the odds.

The love story of Allegra and Gabriele is very emotional and powerful. This story is well written and the characters were, for the most part, real to me. There were times the vampires seemed to follow the standard idea of what a vampire is too closely. I would have liked to see a bit more world building here, but beyond that this is a story I enjoyed. I would recommend it to anyone who likes dark vampire romance.

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