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ISBN# 9781934657164
March 2009
Sapphire Blue Publishing
E Book
70,000 Words
Romantic Comedy
Rating: 3 Cups

Harriet Ruby is an American tour guide who has decided to expand her career in Europe. She becomes a tour guide in Morocco, an unexpected assignment, but one that she is excited to embark upon.

Will Talbot notices a young lady at a local Moroccan restaurant who seems to need assistance in dealing with a sick man. With Will’s medical training, he is more than qualified and willing to help this beautiful woman.

Harriet is relieved, yet a bit apprehensive, when Will comes to help her with Archie, a man in her tour group who has mysteriously fallen ill in Morocco. She finds out that Archie’s illness is not all she has to worry about. She and Will, who happens to be a spy, are soon on a mission to protect the group from bandits, gypsies and enemies. Their excursions enforce camaraderie along with an irresistible bond.

There are several good points to this story. It is original in its story line, the narrative is written in a casual and humorous tone, and you will never know what is coming next. The only frustration of the book is determining what exactly the point is. I found myself not knowing exactly what the point of the book was until I was already half way through with it. Those readers who are less patient will find that this book seems to drag a bit. However, there are plenty of mystery, plots and love to make fans of romantic comedy and suspense happy.

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