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ISBN: 978-1-921347-67-2
October 30, 2008
DCL Publications
$ unavailable
52 Pages
Paranormal / Ghosts
Rating: 3 Cups

At thirteen years old, Dane Grissinger is just like any other teenage boy. He loves the excitement and thrill of a little danger, and thinks he is indestructible.

Kitrina Eisley is Dane’s girlfriend, and going steady at thirteen is a big deal. They are practically inseparable, but when Dane wants to have a little spooky fun on Halloween, she cannot shake a feeling of uneasiness.

Kit has spent the last ten years of her life living with the guilt of losing Dane. She knows she should have tried harder to persuade him to stay away from the Coulbourne Castle, but he insisted. He swore it would be fun, and it was not like they were going to damage anything. But their séance turned into a nightmare she would never outrun. It is almost ten years to the day of his disappearance, and suddenly she can feel his presence in her home. He is in a kind of limbo, and unable to find the peace to move on. Kit will do anything to help him cross over, even if it means losing the tenuous connection to her childhood love.

Not many people find the love of their life at thirteen years of age, but Dane and Kit did, making their story all the more touching. They were kids looking to have a little fun on Halloween, something we can all relate to, but that is where it all fell apart. The sense of doom is palpable, putting the readers on the edge of their seat. Ms. Lee does a great job of setting the scene for her readers. The spook factor is fantastic, her characters distinctive and interesting. The perfect read on a blustery cold night.

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