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ISBN# 978-1-60272-293-4
June 2008
Amber Quill Press, LLC
49 Pages
Science Fiction / Futuristic / Series
Rating: 3 Cups

Prince Myrek is the ambassador to Zigan on Mhajav. While on Mhajav he plans to take advantage of their more advanced medical technology to find a cure for his son, Vilem. Vilem is suffering from a rare hereditary genetic defect, the same defect that claimed the life of Myrek’s wife during childbirth.

Khira is a Mhajavi geneticist who has spent most of her life studying. As a result she is brilliant but lonely. She is also a virgin, a rarity on Mhajav where most children go to sex camp upon their maturity.

Thrown together in their quest to find a cure for Vilem, Myrek and Khira strike up a relationship that quickly becomes intimate. The only problem is that Ziganese law requires Myrek to marry a virgin and Mhajavi law states that virgins cannot marry.

Cosmic Scandal reads easily and moves a good pace. The characters of Myrek and Khira struggle to hold onto their principles despite the pressures they are facing. Personally I found the idea of sex camps and the role of virgins in Mhajavi culture to be a little over the top. Despite this the author does a good job of portraying Khira’s struggle as she tries to reconcile her feelings with Mhajavi prejudices. The immediate intimacy that Myrek and Khira share seems a little odd, particularly for Myrek, but the sex scenes are written well enough that it almost does not matter. I also liked how the author balanced the sacrifices Myrek and Khira will have to make if they want to stay together.

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