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ISBN# Paperback-(13)978-0-345-50109-7/(10)0-345-50215-9/E-book-(13)978-0-345-50215-5
October 30, 2007
Ballantine Books (an Imprint of Random House)
1745 Broadway, MD 18-2, New York, NY 10019
288 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

FBI agent Jules Cassidy knows for certain he loves Robin and wishes to make it official. Tired of the long-distance between them, he requests a transfer so they can be together.

Robin Chadwick is doing an HBO series in Boston. He hates being separated from Jules. While they prepare for a small ceremony, a leak of their gay marriage hits the tabloids.

Jules loves Robin as much as Robin loves Jules, if not more. He once was in a relationship with Adam, but that did not work out, even though the voice of Adam often rings in Jules’ head. The thing that helps Jules gets through things is the fact Robin is not Adam and that was the important thing. Robin is his lover, his best friend, and now he wants him to be his spouse. No matter how they express a small wedding, others continue to make the list longer. At least there is Alyssa Locke and Sam Starrett, a former SEAL, and best friends, that Jules can turn to for help. Jules is working on a dangerous assignment that has Robin wondering if he can really live with someone in constant danger. To make matters worse, the leak has hit the tabloids about a gay couple getting married. Robin is tired of the media but someone is dying to have an interview about the couple. Honestly, a FBI agent and a Hollywood star is hot news. Reporters know that sex sells and gay sex really sells. Robin will only give an interview to a caring reporter who understands the situation. As the time draws closer to the wedding, chaos seems to be at every corner with unexpected attendees, and even an ex-lover not happy with the situation. Robin is getting antsy. For two years, he went without seeing Jules because of foolishness and fear; he does not wish that again. When the moment arrives to walk down the aisle, tensions mount for everyone involved.

All Through The Night is a splendid read. What a great premise, all the way down to the President being involved. I believe Suzanne Brockman’s compelling read is quite ordinary and once readers start turning the pages, they will really enjoy the genuine characters, real-life situations, and emotions that really grasp hold of the heart. A magnificent plot, a slew of cast members that blend well throughout, even with a touch of suspense, makes this one incredible story that should not be missed. I loved the sounds of the ringtones on the cell phones and the mention of the men, and the pottery barn catalogues. Real men do express themselves, in their feelings, by being objective, and yet being human and this story really expresses many things, well worth the read.

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