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ISBN# 1-59705-192-6
September 2006
Wings ePress, Inc.
320 Pages
Paranormal Encore L’ Amour
Rating: 5 Cups

Lizbeth Fortson had been left a widow; mother of 2 girls and a lifetime of degradation and shame. The ghost of her dead husband haunts her, and on the day of her marriage to Mark Stuart he appeared, casting disparaging remarks. Would she ever be free of him?

Mark Stuart owns the construction company that Lizbeth’s son-in-law works for. Upon meeting her, he fell instantly in love and proceeded to court her. On their honeymoon he came across his new bride screaming at the hotel walls. After he calmed her down, she could not tell him what was going on, but he vowed to get to the bottom of her hysterics.

Lizbeth and Mark begin their life together with secrets between them that ate at Lizbeth and puzzled Mark, until he started secretly reading Lizbeth’s journal. What he discovered ripped his heart in two and made him more determined than ever to love his wife to contentment. Could his love alone conquer Lizbeth’s demon?

Ms. Lattimer has written a heart rending depiction of co-dependence and spousal abuse. She affectively captures the feelings of worthlessness and despair that battered women feel, perfectly illustrating the mental degradation that occurs behind closed doors. I cried for Lizbeth while understanding her reasons, hoping that Mark would come to understand her motives. The methodical break down of Lizbeth’s defenses by her dead husband's perversities had me hopping mad. Mark’s gentle treatment after he started reading her notes had me cheering him on. Bravo Ms. Lattimer, you lit a light of truth to the dark corner of many women’s lives.

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