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MARCH 2008
Resplendence Publishing LLC
160 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Pretty Sarah Colby, at 24 years old, is finding her life lonely without an ideal Prince Charming. Sarah, desperately wanting to get married and have children, hopes she will meet her Prince Charming in the ‘Singles’ bar in Louisville she attends with her best friends. Her fate could be sealed with a kiss when she plays a daring kissing game.

Lane Williams is a successful restaurateur. When he was 15 years old, his father deserted the family and since then Lane dedicated his life playing father to his two sisters and a brother. A confirmed bachelor at the age of 38, Lane has worked his way up from a chef to owning a chain of gourmet restaurants.

Sarah is working as a research assistant for her aunt who is writing a book on regional cuisine. It is quite an ironic coincidence that, in the past, the reviewer who caused Lane to lose his job when he was working as a chef, happened to be Sarah‘s aunt who, in the present day commissions Lane to provide catering facilities for her charity event. Lane and Sarah are brought together working for Sarah’s aunt. Sarah believes in fairy tales, but does she have what it takes to convert Lane?

The attraction between Sarah and Lane was especially appealing due to their age gap. Although Lane had a mature approach, it was interesting to see the way he would treat Sarah on occasions, as a child and during other occasions, as a woman with conflicts and battles going on in his mind, upsetting his thoughts. Generally, quite mature and adult for her age, it was not surprising that Sarah found Lane attractive. Whenever the occasion required, Sarah also demonstrated her girlishly, playful side. All characters were pleasant and had a lot in common. A quick and pleasant romantic read.

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