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ISBN: 9781906811631
April 27, 2009
Total-E-Bound Publishing
66 Pages
Contemporary/ Interracial
Rating: 5 Cups

Ayanna Barker was minding her own business in line at the Beer Tent in Albuquerque, New Mexico when she felt it. A slight zing went through her body and her life changed in an instant.

Michael Taylor was ready to relax and have a couple drinks when he was bumped from behind. Suddenly he found himself staring into a woman’s beautiful brown eyes. Somehow Michael and Ayanna found themselves back at her hotel room and spent a night of passion that ended at daybreak.

Four years have passed when Michael sees Ayanna again, this time working in a bookstore in the airport. As a US Navy Pilot, he is used to having to think quickly on his feet, but when it comes to the one he let get away, all bets are off. Ready to take things a step further and with thoughts of bed sheets and sweaty bodies in his mind, Michael steps up, only to be pulled back into reality when he sees the other man in Ayanna’s life; a three year old who looks a lot like it could be his son. Now Michael is thinking more along the lines of matrimony, but will Ayanna go for a marriage of convenience, when her heart has always wanted more from Michael than just to be a convenience?

A Marriage of Convenience is another one of those stories that had me sighing. I just love the whole theme and storyline behind it. Ms. Burke is a very talented writer who adds complications and tension to a spicy and sexy read. Ayanna comes across as a well-rounded woman who is used to being a single parent, but is still pining over “the one.” Michael is the sexy pilot who will have any reader drooling over his hot body and can-do attitude. Throw in the mixture of old school mannerisms and their torrid affair, and this story will leave you breathless!

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