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ISBN: 1-59279-451-3
October 2005
Amber Quill Press
58 Pages
Erotic Futuristic
Rating: 4 Cups

A widow with three children, Marrin Levy no longer lives on Earth but has gone to the harsh and dry planet known as Lujawed. She thought she could make it on her own but quickly discovers the struggles are more than she can handle. With only one choice left, she puts in an application for a field-husband, a man who will do anything she requires. What she got in return was completely out of the norm. Not only is Keane handsome, but he never ages. Can she continue to keep him on the homestead when she finds it hard to keep her distance?  

Keane Dealcore is more than happy to accept the position from Marrin. As each year passes, he continues to work the homestead with Marrin, doing what is necessary. As their contract years pass, things slowly change into something special for them. Can they finally see what they have together is more than just a business arrangement despite their age difference?

Amidst a Crowd of Stars is a short story that extends over many years. The loving relationship between Keane and Marrin pulls in the reader allowing them to see the sensations the two characters share. I liked the way the author gave Keane the ability to offer her physical and emotional needs never once caring if she ages. It was good seeing how Marrin was able to get over her loss with the help of Keane. They share a chemistry that practically crackles and sparks through the pages but it is one filled with compassionate emotion.  

Megan Hart has taken a short story and cleverly created a powerful punch of different expressions gently folding them together. She allows the reader to feel the depth of the characters. Her style of writing is quite unique and it shows with Amidst a Crowd of Stars. This was a good book read.

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