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ISBN#: 9781419915970
June 2008
Cerridwen Press
176 Pages
Historical Romance/Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Sophia Bayles has been out for years and the Season is beginning to pall. Her unconventional houseguest is by turns interesting and frightening, but Helen�s experiments can have unpleasant results.

Lt. Heywood Elliot is in a bind. He has to find a job quickly to support his family and repay his debts. He is determined to find the money and marry his sweetheart Jenny.

Sophia�s attempts to right a wrong have a way of going awry. She cost Hey a position as steward and feels terribly guilty, but every attempt to help goes wrong. Heywood�s life has definitely taken a turn to the bizarre, but Sophia is a bright spot, despite the disaster that follows her.

This is a very entertaining story with some pretty unusual characters. Sophia and Heywood are not always likeable, both are snobs in their own way, but they do have the best interests of their loved ones at heart. Both of them really grow up during the course of the story and see the value of the people around them rather than their social standing. The Helen character is truly bizarre, but she makes sense in her own strange way. Her experiments enliven the story. Lawton is another wonderful character. He is a merchant with a shady past who wants to marry Hey�s sister. Hey finally realizes his worth in the end. The other characters are well done and very unique. The plot alternates between London and one of its suburbs and the author describes each setting and the lives of the people who live there well. I particularly loved the descriptions of Jenny, definitely not a society beauty here. This is a very good Regency told from a slightly different perspective with a great deal of humor and I enjoyed it very much.

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