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ISBN# Unavailable
September 2007
Lulu Press
860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300, Morrisville, NC 27560
80 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Vampires and the Undead

There are many different versions of poetry. While some may be romantic, sweet, and full of love, others are often dark and absorbing. Things that go bump in the night, vampires, with no reflection, are just some dark moments sending goose bumps all over the body.


Who could imagine Ebola actually being a focus in poetry, yet the words sketched in the stages is like the reader has actually suffered with the dread of the ache inflicted upon him. Within each phase, the whole part about the pale rider leaves the feeling of an invisible force reaching out to gain control.

Angels and Aliens

One can get a visual feel as a poem sketches someone’s unsteady strides, and longs legs, while walking about with a web of dreams. Once the individual has entered a home where no one lives forever, the nightmare alone evokes shadowy figures. The Angels and Aliens indeed send chills when fashioned in a dark way.


In the poems with Seaspray, one experiences the water swirling around them while digging hands into the shells or sea fleas before the tide comes in. As the water pulls them in squeezing the lungs, they fight to hold onto life, and one can feel the strong intensity of the seas markings.

Anathema has a little bit of everything that the reader can experience and share. I love the way J.M. Snyder digs deep into the whole realm of each poem as if he has literally been in each setting. Every poem is lovingly molded with much thought, not only for the author but the reader. I really was intrigued with all of them but to actually feel the sensations, one must turn the pages, step into the dark, and experience their own foreboding.

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