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ISBN# 0-7443-1119-5
June 2006
182 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Seth Cavanaugh has matured in the past two years and feels ready to move on with his life after the loss of a dear friend that left him troubled, and a gal named Deirdre who left his heart shattered.

Deirdre Delaney Shelton-Cooper remembers her first visit to Oberon, as well as her first love. Now that she has moved back home, she can only hope for a fresh start, but someone has other plans.

Seth cannot get over the death of his friend. Sometimes he wishes that it had been him instead of his good friend, Ray. He hates enduring the aftermath of not being with his good friend everyday. The pain is so tormenting at times, he has considered seeing a therapist. After an old flame returns to town, things do not go well with him. He never wanted to see the girl who had lied to him about her identity. Deirdre’s hopes of starting over with Seth and making things right fly out the window after their encounter. He is a jerk and she wants nothing to do with him. But when she gets burned out of her apartment and is met with disaster every time she turns around, she realizes he may be her only friend to come to her aid.

And Shadows Have Their Endings is a story that revolves around loss, death, and losing faith and trust in people. The characters of Seth and Deirdre carry wounds that pierce deep into the soul, as they try to stay steadfast over matters, while coming to terms with the heartache. P.G. Forte pens a tale showing the many setbacks that humans deal with in life, while allowing the pain Seth feels to stem through the pages. This reader found the story a very interesting read.

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