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ISBN 1-58608-800-9
February 2006
New Concepts Publishing
167 Pages
Futuristic Romance  
Rating: 4 Cups

Angeni Traek works as a healer for the alliance. After a brutally wounded man is brought to her, she is not certain she can save him. It is the end of her shift and the long hours have left her tired. The moment her eyes fix on him, all she can think about is saving his life. In her quest, she discovers that she can telepathically communicate with him. It is a technique she uses with animals, never tried with people. The closer she gets to him, the more her emotions get the better of her, until she discovers his secret.

Garek Sahnjun owes an obligation to his mission and to the woman he is vowed to back home. After communicating by mind with Angeni after she heals him, he experiences feelings dangerous to his heart. He realizes he must make a break from Angeni before steps take another course in his life that could cause complications.

Angeni is from the planet Olandia and is compassionate when it comes to her love of children and animals. Only telepathically speaking to animals, she never knew the mind of a man, until called upon to help heal a wounded Garek, an Alliance Officer. Garek is on a mission when he encounters feelings for Angeni. He had no idea she could read his mind or that his heart would crave for her like no other woman. Now they must decide what course to take when their love reaches the finishing point.

Angel and The Flying Warhorses is a captivating tale where Garek and Angeni ignite the pages with a soothing chemistry that is moving and full of compassion. Jacki Bentley weaves a delightfully enchanting story with a touch of chaos; mystery and passion making this story a page-turner.

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