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ISBN: # 1-4199-0420-5
December 2005
Cerridwen Press
174 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

After Isobel accidentally kills a child in a car accident, she is sentenced to life in a reproduction prison. There she reproduces eggs into artificial wombs while also working in a library making copies of ancient papers. Now ten years later, she is given the chance of getting out of prison and rewriting a wrong in history. If she accepts it could mean success or death for her, but anything is better than a life of imprisonment. When she is transported back into time to try to save a young man from joining a crusade and saving the crown of France, she never imagined all the trials she would encounter not to mention falling in love.  

Francois, Sire de Bourbon-Dampierre, has not only lost his son but now his wife. When his son’s wife comes to live in the castle with child, he cannot turn her away. Even though his daughter, Elaine, believes that Isobel is a whore, he knows differently. There is something that draws him to Isobel. But will his conniving daughter keep them apart?

Angels on Crusade is a book that leaves much thought to the imagination. Isobel is a strong, determined character. I could feel her depression, despair and happiness. She was able to go back into time and live a different life, one that required much survival with wars and food being scarce, but where she was able to face the fears that had plagued her future and discover love for the first time. The other characters are well rounded and Elaine brings in much contention among the family making the story more believable.   

Ms. Winston definitely did much research on the history of the crusades and it shows in her writing. She pens a story that touches the heart. Her writing flows smoothly drawing the reader in from the start. Ms. Winston created a story that is truly well worth the read. She layers a wonderful read that puts you on the journey with Isobel.

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