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ISBN#: Unavailable
February 2009
Wild Horse Press
343 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lucien D’ Angel, a.k.a Luke Angeles, is a bestselling author and renowned paranormal investigator. He hosts a show called ‘Those Among Us.’ What people do not know is, the curse he has carried for almost four centuries.

Evangeline Keegan, Eva, has a name meaning messenger of angels and fire. At the age of seven, she ran away from home only to find Lucien, who took her under his wings, until she was grown and on her own.

There are age old tales concerning the existence of Lucien, unspoken and dark. He believes humans to be fickle creatures and tries to abstain from any human contact. Then she comes into his life and things shift for him. Right after journalism school, Eva took a job at Station 12. After interviewing Luke Angeles, she believes there is something unusual about him. She plans to see if he falsified his identity. As Eva tracks down Luke and questions him, she is shocked he knows private things about her. He wishes to open her memory to the past. It will only take one to claim his soul and release the curse Lucien holds. Will Eva be the one that can finally make his heart beat?

I must admit Angel’s Fire, Demon’s blood was a fascinating tale. The impressive writing, and the fresh voice of Tamela Quijas, sends this reader on a stroll into centuries of a man who holds deep compassion but is unable to release his true feelings. Lucien tore at my heartstrings. I could feel his sorrow and wanted to reach out to him, pulling him into safety. He and Eva have a strong bond, practically sharing it with the reader in this stirring paranormal read. Great characterization, and a blend of strong elements, makes this story a wonderful journey into time.

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