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ISBN: 0-373-79234-4
January 2006
Harlequin Blaze/Harlequin Enterprises Limited
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$4.75 U.S./$5.75 Canada
251 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Detective Sam Mason goes undercover to investigate a stolen amulet. It leads him to Cass, who sparks an interest that could be deadly. He must decide whether to arrest her for the rash of burglaries, or solve the clues that could lead to the real thief. Time is of the essence and the closer they become, the deadlier it draws for both of them, in more ways than one.

Cass Richards is left hanging from a ledge when her Hermës scarf gets hung, jerking her out a window. When Detective Sam Mason sees her hanging, he comes to her rescue, only to receive a harsh scolding. She tries to explain her unfavorable mishap, but he still presumes she was trying to kill herself. He tells her no man is worth losing her life. Of course that was before she encountered the likes of Sam.

Sam is on a burglary case surrounding a thief in the upper class homes that enjoys crashing the residences during parties. After learning that Cass’s fingerprints were left on the jewelry, he starts to question if she could be the crook involved with the stolen goods. He chooses to think otherwise. Cass was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now up to her neck in trouble, her plight takes a different shape when Sam captures her spirit. She has to prove to him that her heart is not that of a thief.

Angels and Outlaws is not your usual police routine. Loaded with romance and intrigue, this Blaze book instills hot action in and out of the bedroom, making it a complete page- turner. The dialogue between the couple is entertaining and majestic. Ms. Wilde spins a wonderful dynamic whodunit that takes the reader on a great ride. So terrific it rates a 5!

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