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ISBN# (10)0-7582-2058-8/(13)978-0-7582-2058-5
February 26, 2008
Aphrodisia (Kensington Publishing Corp.)
850 Third Avenue, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10022
$13.95 U.S./$17.50 Canada
320 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The Ursus brothers descend from a Viking clan bearing a harsh curse. It is a curse brought on by the blood of a bear. The father decides to stay dormant and allow his sons to choose a mate. Four brothers with insatiable hunger and thirst that only one woman that is destined to be their mate, can ease their heart. Martin, Mac, Devon, and Orin must learn to deal with their sensual urges by going after their destiny.


Martin Ursus is a twin with Mac. Martin can use his mind to shift things, move items and read people’s minds. He has to find his chosen mate to produce cubs.

Lady Jane is staying at Tremarctos, home to the brothers. She is surprised their father refers to his sons as boars. She finds Martin too striking to be called a boar.

Jane is wildly attracted to Martin, and he feels the same toward her. His father believes she should be the mate for Devon but Jane and Martin know differently. When Jane wishes to return to her home, Martin refuses to allow her to leave. Jane wants Martin in the worse way and can only hope his father will allow them to stay together.

I thought Martin’s story was quite interesting. I liked the plot to this one and found Martin and Jane to be strong characters that grabbed hold of the reader.


Sir Macedon Ursus, Mac, has found his mate, but does not know her name. The desire he senses toward her is overpowering and he will do anything to have her.

Princess Rasalette gets a glance at Mac, while at Tremarctos and wants him terribly. His mere presence makes her feel things inside that are forceful for his touch.

Rasalette wonders could Mac be the mate for her? They do not exchange names but are drawn together by an undeniable force. Mac is a man of knowledge and wants Rasalette but one person stands in their way, her brother. If her brother has his way, Rasalette will never be able to mate with Mac. Her brother has intentions of killing and finding her someone else. Mac and Rasalette seek a way to be together. Mac is considered one of a set, with his twin, Martin, and born second to the duke. He will have Rasalette and protect her. No matter what happens, she must convince Mac she was never looking toward entrapping or deceiving him into being her mate, all she wanted was her freedom.

Mac’s story was beautifully told. I could feel the deep ache that Mac and Rasalette endure as they try to find a lasting love together. They showed much strength and bravery in trying to find that one special gift of love without allowing any interference.


Orin is the oldest. He is a bit formal with nothing to fear. After setting sights on a beautiful woman, something tells him she is the one meant for him.

Lady Wilhelmina is smitten when she first sees this masculine man. She must know his name and everything about him, but he purposely does not give her any information.

Wilhelmina has no idea why this man has such a powerful force over her. She is an English Duke’s daughter and when they are together, their passion is strong. Learning about the romance he can grant her, is a new learning experience that sends her much excitement. Orin has a strong force that he feels will be harsh with her. Because of these feelings, he fears his instinct and force will push her away. Her smile lifts his heart from the animal who caged it. Even though he can be rough, gruff, and a devil at times, he would never intentionally harm Wilhelmina.

The story of Orin in a way reminded me of a Beauty and Beast tale. I adored this story and felt much compassion for Orin. I think the challenge that he and Wilhelmina face only makes them stronger.


Devon is the youngest male boar of the Clan of Tremarctos. He knows his brothers can be a bit rough but they are kind. They are also all quite nocturnal.

Lady Amanda knows about how families, especially how fathers can be with their children. She had her own dilemma with her father.

Amanda has not seen much of her father since he wed her to Harold for a large sum. Now Harold, who treated her more like a servant is dead. She sees Devon again after years and recalls the love she once had for him. She begins putting the pieces of her life back together and wonders can they draw upon the past to pull them stronger to the present. Something is drawing them together and she wonders if it is destiny. As both begin to dwell on their deep feelings, they wonder can a simple apology, about a simple misunderstanding from the past, help them find that one love to help lift the curse, and give them love forever?

The story with Devon has enough erotic energy to send one to the moon and back. Their sensual urges are hot to the touch as they brand each other’s bodies. Devon and Amanda are warm characters with a vulnerability that makes them real.

Animal Lust is not only, four steamy hot stories, about four well-developed brothers, and the four women who capture their heart, but it is engaging, wonderfully written, great dialogue, and secondary characters that even pull the reader into the midst of the tales. Lacy Danes crafts a read that is explosive. This great read entertains as the characters still linger with the reader long after the story if finished. It comes highly recommended.

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