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The Velvet Glove Stories

Anything for a Byline
A Bird in the Hand
Connor’s Journey
Fits like a Glove
Love and the Farmer
Peace within the Quiet
Puppy Love
Raw Need
Rock Stars and Size Queens
Soaring With Hawk
Three to Heal
Touch and Trust
Two Men for Two Brothers
Velvet Dragon
Velvet Need
Velvet Blade
Velvet Glove I
Velvet Glove II
Velvet Glove III
Velvet Glove IV
Velvet Glove V
Attitude on Wheels

ISBN# (10) 1-934166-42-1 /(13) 1-978-934166-42-0
December 27, 2006
Torquere Press
184 Pages
Fantasy/Sci. Fi.
Rating: 4 cups

Nat is a young reporter who wants to get his story into the papers. When a friend gets him an interview at a private BDSM club called The Velvet Glove, he figures he will just go in, do the interview, and that will be it. Instead, he meets Richmond and quickly becomes very attached to him emotionally, as well as sexually.

Richmond is a Top at the club, and has been for years. When Mal, another Top at the club, brings Nat in, making it clear that he is there for an ‘interview,’ Richmond is very attracted right away. He has no problem proving to Nat that everything he has read about and researched is true, and in a very personal way. He finds himself feeling more for this sub than any of the others he has worked with.

When Nat finally realizes after a month that he cannot stay away and wants to be with Richmond, he returns, to Richmond’s delight. They spend the next year helping Nat become more comfortable with himself and the lifestyle, and things seem perfect. However, Nat has a secret; a secret that could destroy what they have if Richmond does not handle the situation just right.

This is a very engaging story. The author gives a realistic view of the BDSM lifestyle. I have read many stories in this genre and felt this author did the best job of describing the lifestyle. Also, the relationship between Nat and Richmond is well portrayed; the why and how it works. Sensual, very sexy, and explicit, the author still manages to do a fantastic job of revealing the emotions of Nat and Richmond. I am very interested to read more of this talented author’s work. This is a very enjoyable read!

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