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ISBN#: Unavailable
October 2008
Alinar Publishing
61 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating 4 cups

Alicia is a vampire hunter, stronger and faster than any man she knows until she meets Kassian, but then he is not a man, he is a vampire. She should kill him but he is the best looking man she has ever seen. He is so strong and he keeps saving her life.

Kassian is the second oldest vampire and he hates his only superior. Seth killed his first love. Now that Kassian has found her again, Seth is again trying to kill her. Kassian will go to any length to save Alicia from the death Seth has planned for her.

Alicia doesn’t believe in reincarnation but she cannot ignore the attraction she feels for Kassian. After tasting a drop of her blood Kassian realizes his mistake, and is surprised to find his feelings for her have not changed. But, his mistake is not going to stop Seth using her for a spot of human hunting.

Alicia is a strong but lonely character craving a loving relationship. It was interesting to watch as she battled herself and her feelings for Kassian. He is as strong as ever and has practiced and perfected his skills and strengths. I loved his quiet strength and surety in his own abilities. As a pair, they make an unbeatable wall loyal to each other to the end. Ms Heaton has written a vibrant tale of true love beating even natural enemies.

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