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ISBN# 1-59836-413-8
December 2006
Venus Press
59 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate Perry cannot believe how far people, including the media, will go to create a scandal. She just happened to be with Kenneth McDugan III at 2 a.m. when she had to call 911. When her life turns into mud, she is labeled as Ken’s mistress. Now she must face her boss, and hand in her resignation.

John Archer is Kate’s boss and is shocked over the news. John hates two things, losing and being wrong about the person he hired. He was sure Kate was the best person for the job but now with this scandal, he has doubts. He certainly did not need a sex scandal at his place of work.

Kate is surprised that John believes the rumors. She was certain he would support her, especially after eight years of knowing him and feeling such a strong attraction. Both frustrated by the recent developments, John must search his heart before losing Kate.

Archer’s Way had this reader totally engaged with the events. So genuine and real, John emits actions of many people, while showing the pain he feels when he hears what he believes to be the truth. His love for Kate runs deep which only intensifies the storyline while he is torn with the events. Ava McKnight creates such a moving story that captivates the reader. The romantic passion that John and Kate share is beautiful. I like the way Ms. McKnight weaves in truth, honesty and faith to make this read very much alive. This reader could practically feel the strain that Kate was burdened with as she sought to clear her name, in this beautiful story of love.

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