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A RED HOT NEW YEAR (An Anthology)
ISBN# (10): 0-06-145147-9/ (13): 978-0-06-145147-8
November 27, 2007
Avon Red (HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
$13.95 U.S./$16.50 Canada
352 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

New Year's Bites by Cynthia Eden

Anna Summers never anticipated any danger when she leaves her office and heads to a New Year’s Eve party. Once inside the garage, she hears a growl as she heads to her car. The next thing she remembers is a huge dog attacking and sinking his teeth into her leg.

Jon York is a security expert. He comes to her rescue then carries her back inside to her office. Jon knows the bite does not belong to a dog but a werewolf. It is up to him to protect her from being hunted.

There is something sensually stirring about Anna that delights Jon. He did a background check on her and everything about the woman practically sends him salivating. Smart and dedicated to her job at the museum, he feels a need for her but more so when she is bitten. Jon knows what will happen to Anna. He can almost smell the change in the air. He is a hunter of sorts but never imagined Anna would be among his prey. Jon cares deeply for Anna. She is someone that has always meant something to him, even though he never forced his true feelings. Anna finds Jon incredibly handsome but knows he is way out of her league. Still his masculine scent makes her feel excitement all over. Anna wakes and is surprised to see Jon taking care of her after the dog bite. She has never felt so alive. After Jon tells her about the bite coming from a werewolf, she cannot believe him. He goes on to explain how he was bitten and a hunter by the name of Travers Smith took care of him. When she finally accepts the change, she learns there is someone watching and waiting. With the help of Jon, she can only hope to fight the danger that threatens her happiness as he makes sure to let her know she is not alone.

I found this story thrilling. I love the interaction of the characters. Anna and Jon are terrific together and leave a lasting impression with the reader. Cynthia Eden creates an intriguing read full of hot, steamy passion that brings out more than the animal. Anna and Jon inflame the pages while staying one step ahead of the obstacles that continue to get in their way. This story takes a bite and does not let go.

Night Resolutions by Diana Mercury

When Chantal first saw Billy come into the coffeehouse where she worked, she had been drawn to him by his good looks. Not only was he adorable, but smart. The second time he came in, she accepted a date with him. He was generous and polite but each time they went nothing really developed between them. With Christmas approaching, she hopes to ignite their relationship.

The first time Jake saw Chantal, she was lovely and a bit dangerous. Billy is his best friend and he does not wish to come between Billy and Chantal. Still he cannot get her out of his mind.

Chantal is aware of the way Jake continues to stare her way. She had no idea why she felt such sparks around him but they were very much present. Jake feels an intrigue when she is near almost like heat shimmering off her. While at a dinner party, at a luxurious estate, the only thoughts that continue to trouble Chantal and Jake is the desire to be in each others arms. While at the estate, there are others joining in for the party. Antonio, the host is eager to please his female guests, but Chantal would much better be cared for by Jake. She finally gets up the nerve to tell Billy they should move on with their life. While Antonio opens the doors to his guests, openly massaging with sexual pleasures, Chantal does not wish to participate in all of them. When she goes to her room and sees Billy with someone else not long after they call it quits, she knows now why he could not be honest with her. With no place to rest, she goes to Jake’s room. Jake would love to reach out and touch her but he is scared. He is just too afraid to let go and touch her. After things turn a bit uncertain for Chantal with Antonio, Jake steps in to keep her safe and waking in the arms of Jake every morning is something she would love to do for the rest of her life.

Diana Mercury spins a tale with well-rounded characters that carries the world into some steamy conduct among friends. Chantal has her principals and I respect her actions. The reader can almost feel Jake’s emotions stirring for Chantal. Billy is his own person and does not open up to Chantal the truth until she accidentally finds out. With some steamy, sensual activities along the way, as Chantal tries to come to terms of her life, this read is an eye-opener, leaving the reader with many thoughts of interest.

Snow Blind by Virginia Reede

Gerry, a city boy from London, has little experience with the outdoor life but his workout schedule keeps him honed to perfection. His good friend, Jules, invites him to the mountains.

Jules wins accommodations for a trip to a cabin in a contest. She invites some friends, one being Joe, whom she has watched closely for five years to come along.

Maggie accepts the invitation to the mountains then wonders why she even bothered after she sees the area.

Joe is always busy on his phone with work but agrees to go to the cabin in the mountains after Jules gives him the invite.

While Gerry and Jules wait for Maggie and Joe to arrive, they settle in and decide to take a dip in the hot tub. At first Gerry is not too impressed with the cabin but changing his sights to Jules, things begin to look a lot brighter. She is a good friend but the little time they spend alone seems to become a bit cozy for the two. After Maggie and Joe arrive, Gerry wishes to keep their little afternoon a secret only for them. Jules agrees. Maggie is like Miss South Beach, in Gerry’s words. She does not like being surrounded by strangers. When Maggie arrives, her mood is not cheery. The cabin is just not to her liking. Then Joe has the attitude he is master of the universe and needs to win at everything. After Maggie accidentally hurts her leg, and Joe his back, neither of them seems to have any fun like Gerry and Jules. Maggie cannot believe that Gerry invites her to the cabin but spends more time with Jules. New Years is not going to be much fun for Maggie or Joe. For five years, Jules has watched Joe but once she and Gerry are in close proximity; their bodies fan the flames of desire.

Snow Blind has a way of bringing out the best and the worst in friends. Maggie came off a bit of a prude to me. I thought she and Joe deserved each other in a way. They did have a few comical moments. Gerry and Jules lend some cute little moments with some banter that keeps the read interesting. Virginia Reede sketches four refreshing characters that are not afraid to open up when behind closed doors.

Coming on Strong by Denise Rossetti

Georgina McBride, Gina, has a problem she does not wish to share. When her cousin, Luc, sends her to the airport to pick up a Professor Jones, who is visiting for Luc’s wedding, one glimpse of the rugged Aussie and she’s on fire.

Sam Jones speaks with an Aussie drawl that drives women mad. With his laid-back charm, he is easy going until he gets too close to Gina McBride. She is one woman he would love to bring into his chambers.

Gina was to pick up a professor from the airport, just a simple task, if one could be found. Instead Professor Jones turns out to be a photographer. When Sam goes to see his good friend, Luck, for his wedding, he had no idea he would send his beautiful cousin to give him a ride from the airport. One look at her and thoughts of getting her in his bed hit him. He finds her a bit intriguing, even though she comes off sort of skittish at times. Dealing with wildlife photography, Sam counts himself as a patient and observant man until he meets Gina, who can be a bit picky. Gina comes completely unsettled by Sam. The moment they are alone, in the dark, something comes over her. The heat is fierce that drives the two together. When Gina begins to tell Sam everything she wishes for him to do to pleasure her, he grows engulfed with flames just thinking about the sensations. Their night of pleasure takes on a different turn when morning arrives and Sam does not find Gina in the bed. Gina tells him it was only a one time deal. Sam cannot believe he is hearing this. It had meant something. With only one thing left to do, Gina faces her fears but wonders if she will lose Sam for good?

Coming on Strong is a delightful read. I loved how Gina fought feelings about her problem while desiring to have it all with Sam. The way Sam is drawn into the story is wonderfully done. He is the guy of all guys. Denise Rossetti weaves a breathtaking tale that pulls the reader into the center of the story in this tantalizing read.

A Red Hot New Year lives up to its name and more. The refreshing characters are quite interesting in their own way and leave an impression with the reader. These fine authors have penned four stimulating stories that sizzle hotter than fireworks on the fourth of July. Each read weaves some simmering seduction between the pages that is quite entertaining. Bold, sassy, and explosive, these stories will have you begging for more.

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