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ISBN# 9781419916359
September 2008
Cerridwen Press
E book
178 pages
Rating 4 Cups

Cat Argent has been running from herself for 5 years after her last visit to Glastonbury. After all this time her mother is determined that Cat will confront what she is running from. Her flighty, but loving, mother insists they must go to Glastonbury to convince the child of a long time friend to do the art for her new tarot cards. Little does Cat realize that she will discover far more than the end of her flight from what awaits in Glastonbury.

Philippe Alexandre, a detective from Vannes, France, is sent to Glastonbury to follow a tip on a cold case. Phillippe has been burnt in relationships of the past but when he meets Cat he feels an instant attraction despite her strange manner. Once Philippe realizes Cat has a connection to the people in the case he ensures she doesn’t get far from his sight.

Philippe comes to realize there is more to Cat than meets the eye and the case he is working on is not what it would seem. Will Philippe be able to remain objective in the case or will the growing feelings he has for Cat cause him to lose sight of catching a murderer?

Chris Powers ramps up the story from the very beginning and from there she only gains momentum. This book is a whirlwind trip of characters with more questions on every page. Powers has wrote an exciting story that picks a reader up and moves them through the book until they keep reading to see what happens in the end. She provided well-developed characters which encourages the reader to feel their pain and see the story from their point of view. Ms. Powers held the identity of the murderer until the very end. I absolutely found this book to be captivating from the mystery and lovely for the romance.

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