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ISBN: 978-1-926681-06-1
March 2009
Carnal Passions, A Division of Champagne Books
103 Pages
Science Fiction / Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Posing nude is not something Sierra Madison could ever see herself doing, but with her brother dying, she needed the money, and fast. The embarrassment and regret might be unbearable if not for the niggling desire to fulfill certain fantasies.

Gondar Lem has lived on a nearly desolate planet for many years, but the solitude has been a necessary evil with a bounty still on his head. The day has finally come, however, to meet his new bride, and he is more than anxious to get on with it.

Sierra is tired of being a twenty-one-year-old virgin, but she is more afraid of letting go. The secret desires that heat up her dreams are just too bold and aggressive to voice out loud. No man has ever really forced her hand, and truth be told, that is exactly what she is waiting for. Gondar is confident in the matchmaker’s ability, but getting Sierra to agree will prove to be the greatest obstacle. She is obstinate, mouthy, and so beautiful she takes his breath away.

This story is a concentrated dose of power, passion, and pandemonium. The intensity of the characters and their race around the galaxy unravel the storyline at times, but it is exhilarating. I would love to see more focus on the story behind Gondar’s defection, and greater detail of the alien worlds and their inhabitants. Each passionate encounter is saucy and steaming hot, and certainly makes this an enticing read.

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