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ISBN# 1-60186-147-8
April 2007
Triskelion Publishing
140 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rena Sutherland thought her marriage would last until death ‘one’ does part. It all tumbles when husband James, confesses his affair with a much younger woman.

Politician James Sutherland knew sleeping with his executive assistant, Charlotte Devon was wrong. The temptation was strong but he was certain his wife would forgive him.

Eddy Alexander is a pottery artist. On his way, to the library, to drop off boxes for the Fall Festival, an automobile crash with Rena brings them closer in more ways than one.

Rena is shocked, and filled with anger and heartache after hearing about James and Charlotte. Divorce is not in her vocabulary until she sees pictures of James and Charlotte together, only making her more furious. She takes steps for a divorce and to start a new life. James is sorry for his actions and tries everything to get Rena to forgive him but she throws him out of the house. Even their daughter, Laura, cannot help matters when she comes home for a visit. Just when Rena has doubts that she could have been the one to have driven James away because she was not attentive enough or pretty enough, Eddy comes into her life, making her feel like a beautiful strong woman. News of racketeering charges and a scandal surface with Charlotte and James, causing Rena to rethink her life.

Arm Chair is a read that hits many homes when a spouse is caught cheating. Rena’s emotions are a common reaction of many women when betrayed. The dialogue between Rena and James comes across realistically. Doreen Lewis tells a story many can relate. From politicians, cheating, and lies, she spins a tale with secondary characters that create an absorbing read and shows that life does not stop at fifty.

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