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ISBN# (10) 0-8024-1556-3 and (13) 978-0-8024-1556-1
July 1, 2006
Moody Publishers
820 North LaSalle Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60610
350 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Mary Kelley takes a job at the New York Tribune just when war breaks out and she finds herself caught up behind enemy lines.

Lee O’Donnelly, a friend of Mary’s, happens to land a comparable job that makes them competitors as she goes after a story in a war zone area.

After finding the right connections and papers, Katherine left for the safe place of Belgium when war broke out with the Jews. Changing her name to Rebecca Lodz, she hides her identity not only to the world but also to Hendrick Schwartz, a wealthy officer in Hitler’s army, and also a married man, of whom she loves and is pregnant with his child.

Eddie, the Destiny’s Child navigator tries to instill some trust into Mary when he comes to her rescue during a dangerous dilemma.

Mary and Lee were different growing up. Mary was poor and never really accepted, Lee was rich, spoiled and had great connections when getting things she needed. When they become rivals in the business world, Lee seems to always be there when Mary arrives for a headlining story. Lee is eager to cover the war on the front of the battlefield even if it means going into the war zone to do a story on field hospitals. Referred to as a battle-ready war reporter, Mary wishes to get the full extent of the scoop when any breaking development occurs. After meeting Eddie, she finds someone she can place her trust and heart when intense battle breaks out. Eddie is a good-hearted Christian who wishes to make sure Mary gets to safety. Lee is faced with blood-covered soldiers who wish her to pass along the word to their mom that they love them as she jumps into the center of the action. Katherine feels relief when the Americans arrive and hopes soon she will no longer have to hide her identity. She fears once Hendrick discovers she is a Jew, he will take their child. The three women are thrown together in the midst of a war, during much bloodshed as lives are altered and loves found while a battle rages on for freedom.

Arms of Deliverance is intense, on the edge of your seat entertaining drama. The stories of the three women unfold into a magnificent full-scale event showing each of their strength, fortitude and love they have for others. I will never forget the dedication that Mary, Lee and Katherine displayed in this book, or the great men who fought the war to bring them to safety while enduring the hardships they had to endure. Tricia Goyer pens a poignant read with excellent writing, and moments that send chilling sensations to the heart hoping the outcome will be one of well being. The well-rounded secondary characters make a great addition to this story. Ms. Goyer puts the reader inside the action, allows one to fall in love with the characters and brings life to the pages.

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